Ziggy Marley & U.R.G.E. support Futbol Academy of SoCal

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Published: September 18th, 2021

As a lifelong football fan (soccer), and with our mission to uplift the potential of children around the world, Ziggy Marley and U.R.G.E. are proud to have provided sponsorship support for the local chapter of the Futbol Academy of SoCal, a 501c organization focused on bringing quality football to inner-city youths in Los Angeles.

In America, Club soccer is built around a model that excludes many inner city communities. The high cost of participation in the upper level, elite leagues can exceed $25k per year, per player. That is why 35% of the players in the club soccer system come from families that earn more than 100k per year. That creates a system that caters to the wealthiest players but not always the best.

According to a recent study only 28% of families in the US with incomes below $50,000 annually are involved in club soccer. The median income for Latino and Black families in America is $51,450 and $41,361, respectively. We are pricing out so many talented players.

​For this reason, the Futbol Academy of SoCal is dedicated to valuing PLAY above PAY. Their Coaches and Administrators focus on development… not finances. At FASC all players are accepted and the cost of participation is minimal. Success at FASC is determined by both on the field results and personal growth. They are committed to developing young athletes into more than just soccer players—they are building agents of change, who can go back into their communities and make a difference.

To learn more about FASC and how you can help the mission, please feel free to visit futbolacademyofsocal.org.