About U.R.G.E.

U.R.G.E. seeks to make enduring contributions to the lives of children in Jamaica, Africa, and throughout the world. U.R.G.E acts to support education, health, the environment, in efforts to improve the communities where children live and grow, as they are our future's unlimited resource. The more we can give to them, the more enlightened we can become.

Our missions are:

  • Seek communities that may benefit from our help.
  • Raise funds via individual and corporate donations, product sales, ticket sales, and charitable events.
  • Collect and donate the items (clothing, toys, school supplies, food) that are most needed by children and their communities.
  • Provide assistance and resources that enable communities to develop and self-sustain.
  • Raise awareness on current events, social developments and political landscapes which affect children.
  • Partner with other artists, celebrities, brands and charitable organizations to draw attention to the needs of the communities in need of donations.
  • Research the most accurate and unbiased information to the media and the public.
  • Share our stories of success through photos, stories, and letters.