Ziggy and Marley family visit U.R.G.E.-sponsored shelter, Mary’s Child, drop off donations

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Published: March 31st, 2023

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Ziggy Marley, Orly Marley, and their kids recently visited Mary’s Child while in Jamaica. Mary’s Child, a Mustard Seed Community, provides a secure home and spiritual environment for unhoused pregnant teenagers. Additionally, the facility and its staff offer educational opportunities and life-enabling skills such as computer courses, home economic classes, and informative lectures to help bolster their employability and independence.

During their visit, the Marley family sat and spoke with the young women, as well as the staff, to better understand the issues they face, and how our continued support of Mary’s Child – U.R.G.E. has been helped fund the Mary’s Child program for nearly two decades – has impacted their lives. We also were able to purchase lunch for everyone there, plus donate pajamas for the moms and babies, socks for the moms, and stuffed animals for the kids.

Click here to learn more about Mary’s Child and the Mustard Seed Communities.