U.R.G.E. supports efforts of HeathCare Int’l with free dental clinic in Jamaica and new equipment

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Published: February 11th, 2019

As part of our efforts to bring free dental care access to students and underserved adults across Jamaica, U.R.G.E. recently sponsored a free dental clinic in Jamaica! Supporting the efforts of our friends at HealthCare International, we were able to provide free checkups & dental care to over 200 students and local residents over the course of a week, as well as free toothbrushes & toothpaste, crayons & coloring books, pencils & more for the kids.

Building on the success of that event, we have also just purchased a new portable dental unit so our partners at Healthcare International can continue their amazing work both with us and others on future trips to Jamaica and beyond!

We give thanks to Dr. Eli Davidyan for his steadfast dedication in leading this amazing mission, as well as all of you for your support by coming to see Ziggy live – a percentage of ticket sales help fund U.R.G.E.’s initiatives – and we looking forward to continuing our mission through 2019 and beyond!