U.R.G.E. continues the legacy of the One Love Youth Camp

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Published: November 11th, 2019

The One Love Youth Camp (OLYC) is a one-week residential arts-empowerment youth leadership program for underserved teenagers from urban and rural Jamaica. The OLYC is more than just a camp—it’s an experience that transforms lives. OLYC uses experiential learning, creativity and the arts to build confidence, resilience and leadership in youth.

For the vast majority of the youth who attend, this is the very first camp they have ever experienced. Building positive relationships between camp staff, teachers, social workers, artists and the youth that they support and mentor is at the heart of the camp experience.

Each year before camp, the staff participate in an intensive training program where they learn the leading edge principles and practices to facilitate youth empowerment. The staff multiply the impact of the program by using at camp and also in their classrooms and youth programs.