Helping the Charlie Smith High School build an art and music program

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Published: November 11th, 2019

With Trench Town High School’s recent closure, nearly all of their students have been transferred to Charlie Smith High and this has taken a toll on the school’s ability to advance their non-academic curriculum. The academic board has stressed that a large percent of the school’s population is more artistically talented than academically inclined. However, there is a severe lack of artistic supplies including instruments and an art / music staff. 

U.R.G.E. hopes to fund an art and music department, as well as providing support by way of volunteers, to help guide the only music teacher in creating and maintaining this department. The initial three main areas of concern:

  • Need for music and art instructors.
  • Securing the music curriculum from the Jamaican Educational Ministry.
  • Sound proofing the new music room, to protect the students’ ears and reduce sound travel throughout the school, thus preventing other classes from interruption.